Archangel: The Story

Towards the end of the 21st century, the world is in ruins as a consequence of disastrous ecological disaster...

The worst predictions of climate change became reality. A massive ice shelf collapses into the ocean raising the sea level. Average temperatures rise year by year, and chaotic weather patterns destroy farmland. Famine, drought, and suffering become a global epidemic. Wars over resources begin, and seemingly never end. Even governments find themselves helpless in the face of such widespread, devastating crises. Corporations band together for survival, forming mega-corporations. The largest, most powerful conglomerate rebrands itself as HUMNX.

HUMNX develops a 50-year plan to repair the broken world and restore order, popularized as The Way Forward. News of visionary renewal and farming projects goes viral, and the populace elects HUMNX into power in hopes of a better life. When automated processes spike growth, only the top shareholders benefit, and life for most remains as difficult as before.

After automation and computation leads HUMNX corruption, non-compliant forces within the United States Military form an organized resistance and object loudly to HUMNX failure. Sensing  a threat, HUMNX attacks military bases throughout the country in an attempt to gain full control: only a fraction of the resistance survives. They regroup under a new common banner, The United States Free Forces (USFF). Despite the odds against them, the USFF refuse to give up hope. They develop a top-secret weapon: Archangel - a massive Mechanized Combat Unit operated by experimental pilot/AI neurolink. Archangel is the last weapon in their arsenal, their last chance at survival, and their only beacon of hope. The USFF hits HUMNX with a serious blow, but the war has just begun. HUMNX has plentiful resources and created Archangel-class weapons of their own. 

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