Archangel: Hellfire - Art Team Update

Check out a sneak preview of all the mechs, cockpits, and levels from Archangel: Hellfire!

The art team has been hard at work this past year and here's a preview of what you'll be able to see and more on the 25th!  

USFF vs Humnx

Bryant Koshu

The principal concept artist and designer of all mechs, cockpits, and weapons in the game.  Check out his amazing work on his artstation here -

Mech Abilities

Nathan Lange

The 3d artist and modeler/texturer of all the mechs, weapons, vehicles, items, and some of the cockpits and level art.  Check out 3d versions of the mechs and much more on his artstation here -

Mech Lineup

Dana Klaren

The art lead and principal environment artist on the project, he modeled/textured and lit the post-apocalyptic world of Archangel: Hellfire.  Check out his art from both Archangel & Archangel: Hellfire here -

Genesis Facility

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