War Theater Update!

Enlist in the War, Battle in the Mech Ascent Championship!


Pilots can now battle over new ground: Agrizone 96. It was created as part of HUMNX's 50 year plan (known as “The Way Forward”) to reverse the effects of climate change and re-stabilize modern society. By 2081, after nearly ten years in, the first milestone was missed and became clear the plan was flawed. One key feature was an unmitigated success: Agriculture.

USFF Intelligence estimates that there are well over a thousand HUMNX Agrizones worldwide, and Agrizone 96 in northern France is among the largest. Its destruction or takeover by USFF forces would be a massive strategic victory, and would upend the balance of power throughout the entire European region.

Think you have what it takes to battle mech-to-mech and win world domination for your faction in The Great Mech Wars? Enlist and get into a mech today!

Other Warfront Updates:

  • Several balance changes and bug fixes   
  • A live, global war: Mech pilot’s wins and losses impact campaign progression. View
    reports from the warfront and track the war effort, top pilots are ranked (website
    and in game)
  • New player profiles and leaderboards (web only)
  • Announcement of the Mech Ascent Championship: Winner receives the Mech trophy

Steam Collectibles:

  • 6 Trading cards
  • 3 Profile Backgrounds
  • 5 Badges (plus Foil Badge)
  • 5 Emoticons


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