HX Behemoth

Class: Heavy

Faction: HUMNX

HUMNX AI and simulated modeling centered around local maxima designs, with all predicted outcomes favoring only slight changes to established mech configurations. But the USFF discovery of Line Bonded Molecular Structure, swiftly stolen, provided new direction, ultimately leading to the development of the most powerful HUMNX mech, the HX Behemoth.

HP 450
Max Speed 128 Mph
Weight 200 Tons
Weapon (Left) Thrasher AMG Machinegun Mk II, SlamshotHeavy Rocket
Weapon (Right) Thrasher AMG Machinegun Mk II, Brimstone Cannon


EMP Blast

Although the first iteration of this weapon was purely electro-magnetic in nature, further advancements have extended its functional reach. Enemy targets caught in the radius of the EMP Blast suffer EM Shield loss, decayed ordnance, and considerable material hull damage.

LiBond Invulnerability

LiBondis the trade name for Line Bonded Molecular Structure based materials, discovered by USFF material scientists, and quickly reverse engineered by HUMNX AI. When infused with a strong enough energy source, LiBondmaterials assume an active state that is impenetrable to all known energy and ballistic weaponry.

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