HX Hellfire

Class: Medium

Faction: HUMNX

HUMNX understood the power of Mechanized Combat Weaponry after witnessing the fall of a Leviathan class warship at the hands of a single USFF Mech, dubbed "Archangel". The HX Hellfire was developed and deployed in response.

HP 250
Max Speed 150 Mph
Weapon (Left) Thrasher AMG Machinegun
Weapon (Right) Thrasher AMG Machinegun, XLR Railgun


Singularity Beam

On activation, the mech begins to charge up a powerful beam inside of its core. After a short delay of ~1 second, the beam shoots forward dealing heavy damage over time to any mech within the beam. This beam is not blocked by players and can go through multiple players at once. The beam is however blocked by world geometry. This beam lasts for 7 seconds. While firing, the mech can still move, however very slowly and andits turn speed is significantly lowered as well during this time.

Athermodynamic Ammo Regen

"Athermodynamic" refers to the apparent violation of the First Law of Thermodynamics. The creation of matter in a closed system should be impossible. And yet Ammo Regen is a reality. Most scientists fear its wide spread use for, "playing with God's laws" cannot persist without consequence. But war interests have superseded scientific consensus, and "infinite ammo" is built in to nearly a third of all USFF and HUMNX Mechs.

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