USFF Harbinger

Class: Light

Faction: USFF

Through high-risk, embedded, corporate espionage, USFF came to know of a new HUMNX mech design that was lighter and more nimble than all previous designs.Its rumored efficacy in field tests all but forced USFF to develop their own ultra-mobile models.Of them, the USFF Harbinger, was their most successful design.

HP 125
Max Speed 180 Mph
Weapon (Left) Thrasher AMG Machinegun, Slamshot Heavy Rocket
Weapon (Right) Thrasher AMG Machinegun, Hellswarm Missile Battery


Distributed Field Artillery

On activation, the player quickly launches forward and up into the air. During this launch, the mechs weapons on both arms change out into rocket launchers. Once at the apex of the launch, the mech hovers there for 8 seconds, and the player can fire rockets down onto the battle field at a significant fire rate. The player can end this ability early by re-pressing the button to drop from the sky; this also deactivates the rocket launchers and returns the players weaponstto their last equipped weapons. Once the ability ends, the player free falls back to the ground and has air-control during this time allowing them to guide the mech in the direction it is falling.

LR Cloak

Player becomes invisible to all (and only) opponents. Weapon fire, movement vfx, audio, and so forth are not suppressed however, and are potential positional give-aways. Light Reprojection cloaking technologies have existed in various forms for nearly a century. But with recent advances, LR Cloaking has achieved near perfect invisibility, both inside and outside of human-visible energy wavelengths.

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