About The Game

The Story

Towards the end of the 21st century, the world is in ruins as a consequence of disastrous ecological disaster. In conrol of the world is HUMNX, a corporation born out of a desire to heal the world, no matter the human cost. Opportunistic and driven by cold logic, it is trying to rebuild the world under its vision. Opposing it are the remnants of the United States Armed Forces, now the self-proclaimed United States Free Forces (USFF), or ‘The Free’. They are waging guerrilla warfare to try and wrestle back freedom from HUMNX.

In Archangel, you fought as a resistance member, armed with an experimental weapon, The Archangel, to take freedom back for humanity from HUMNX. After the events in the first campaign, a serious blow has been struck on HUMNX, but the war is just beginning. HUMNX resources are plenty, and while they may have lost a decisive battle, they have been working on weapons of their own to face USFF mechs.

The Game

Become more than a warrior, more than a protector.

Become the people's deliverance. Become Archangel! Welcome to the United States, 2089. A traitor revealed the secret development facility for Project Deliverance, triggering a surprise attack from HUMNX and forcing you to launch the mech before its completion. Rise up from the rubble, connect your neural link, and prepare for combat in this intense, cinematic VR arcade shooter.

Cinematic arcade VR shooter

Take the fight to the enemy with twin controllers or gamepad control. Fire an array of weapons on each mighty mech arm, or smash enemy units with your massive fists when they stray too close. You’ll need quick reflexes to react to flying and ground foes attacking in never-ending waves, but you’ll need tactics too: each high-tech HUMNX enemy has a different vulnerability. Plan your upgrades carefully as you unlock new state-of-the-art weapons. Your choices could mean the difference between success… and destruction.

Seek revenge… or deliverance

Choose to be Gabriel or Gabby Walker, experienced combat ace, Archangel test pilot, and last best hope of The Free. You’ll fight more than HUMNX forces: you’ll face shadows from your past, reminders of the decisions that earned you the codename “Guardian” but cost more than you could bear. The newly-forged mech AI, M1KL, experiences the world linked to your mind, seeing what you see, feeling what you feel. Together you’ll face overwhelming odds in a desperate battle to deliver this single Archangel prototype mech to the secret resistance facility Deep Mountain. Do you have what it takes to become the people’s deliverance?

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